Executive outplacement

Helping board members and senior executives make their next move


Our executive outplacement service is exclusive, confidential and has a track record of helping senior executives to secure the right next opportunity.

We understand that career transition for senior executives is complex. Companies look at recruiting executives in a similar way to acquiring another business. It's important to demonstrate how you will provide your next employer with a return on investment and reduce their risk.

How we work with you

Senior executives tell us they get frustrated by many executive outplacement services in London and internationally as they feel they are being processed. Connor's executive outplacement service is driven by your needs alone. Your skills and experience are unique and our service reflects that. You define success, and we work shoulder to shoulder with you to achieve it.

The benefits to you

  • A premium service for executives, where we match you with a peer level consultant. Often they themselves have held a director or board level role.
  • A consultant at your level both intellectually and professionally, can act as a mentor and confidant; challenging and honing your thinking.
  • A blend of outplacement support, coaching and leadership development. Your consultant will coach you around finessing style and approach.
  • Face to face support for as long as it takes for you to secure your next opportunity. 
  • Plus an additional 90 days onboarding support to ensure a successful transition into whatever your next opportunity may be.

If you wish to pursue a corporate career, become a non-executive director, have a portfolio career, establish your own business or plan for retirement – we have the expertise to make a difference. If you are considering a range of options, we can help you to make the right choice.

"Knowing your help wouldn't end before I found my new role was incredibly reassuring." Finance director, chemicals company
"I couldn't have got this job without Connor's help. I'd recommend you to anybody."Vice President, engineering company
"Recruitment for managing directors is complex. You helped me understand today's job market and how to access it. With Connor's support I was offered a fantastic role with a great financial package" Senior executive, motor industry
"Losing my job was a big deal to me. Connor’s support was vital in helping me to get my first Managing Director role. Outplacement built my confidence, organised my thoughts and got me ready to move on"Operations director

Video: Watch Billy Park talk about his experience of Connor's outplacement services.


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