Implementing consultation-led change

Pressure to change can come from customers, from tougher or uncertain trading conditions or through technology.


All can breed fear and resistance in a workforce, and implementing effective organisation change transforms this into increased employee goodwill, better market position, credibility and retention of key talent.

In these high-risk times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), Connor offers bespoke support to turn your change plans into action by patching in expert resource quickly and smoothly.

"Our people did not see a difference between Connor and the internal HR team. You are certainly experts in your field and you acted completely confidentially in a collaborative way"Head of HR

Our ‘human’ focus to delivering change programmes comes from understanding that people deal with all kinds of emotions when it comes to change. We help you recognise the differing ways of supporting your management team and colleagues on their change journeys.

The 4 stages of implementing organisation change

Connor is your trusted partner for successful consultation-led change.

Stage 1: Planning

The Connor difference: To truly land a change within your business you need an implementation plan to connect and engage with your teams. We achieve this together through project/programme planning expertise, analysis of how different employees will be affected, stakeholder mapping and, crucially, an engaging communications plan.


  • Resource planning
  • Key activities, prioritisation milestones and overall timeline
  • Metrics / measurement plan and tracking
  • Project reporting framework and data
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Communications plan and collateral
  • Resistance management plan
  • Training plan – Board / senior management / managers

Stage 2: Launch

The Connor difference: The “Go Live” announcement to your teams is a critical piece of communication. We create engaging launch collateral as well as reactive communications when questions arise. We can provide mentoring and/or coaching to support you and the leadership team role model the change and how best to bring your team with you on your journey.


  • Announcements to managers and employees
  • Communications launch, such as Q&A, project launch documents
  • Training plan launch, such as change curve, VoicePrint, senior mentoring
  • Employee rep elections and training (if applicable)

Stage 3: Project delivery / implementation

The Connor difference: Delivery of project milestones and specific activities, such as TUPE and redundancies, with tracking and reporting on affected individuals. Consultations and communication throughout. Exceptional outplacement services for departing colleagues and unique Survive and Thrive re-engagement and resilience workshops for those who remain. 


  • Holding meetings with affected employees, including collective and individual consultations
  • Employee communications and updates
  • Continuous project and business metric reporting
  • Delivery of skills development / training plan
  • Employee, manager and Board-level coaching / mentoring
  • Redundancies, transition and outplacement
  • Retirement support

Stage 4: Embedding (assessment / review)

The Connor difference: Our support runs from masterminding communications to collecting and managing data and measuring the impact of the changes in your organisation, so you can be sure of maximising your return on investment.


  • Measurement of business metrics
  • Reviewing behavioural metrics
  • ROI assessment
  • Next steps planning
  • Feedback loop

Why choose Connor

  • Flexibility: we scale up and down in line with your needs, all contracts are flexible and because most change projects are works in progress, we know how to dovetail.
  • Transparent with the How and the What: we provide clear timesheets, demystify the stages of change to build strong bonds of trust.
  • Agile methodology: we bring in the right people with the right skill sets at the right time, saving you money by eliminating duplication.
“Connor has first-hand experience of our world and solving problems we face today. It has been a breath of fresh air compared to the other consulting services I have experienced.”Head of HR
M&A, redundancy, relocation … what is your challenge? See our full menu of change projects here.

What does implementing consultation-led change cost?

We believe in flexible contracts you can end when you wish, and we share fee rates rather than hide behind fixed project rates like some in the industry. Talk to us today for a quote based on your specific requirements. 

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