Changing your HR structure

In today’s climate of uncertainty, HR plays a pivotal role in maintaining and improving productivity, morale and brand reputation.


Optimising your HR team through times of change can drive economies of scale, avoid duplication of effort and allow a greater focus on strategic thinking to help your organisation reach its business objectives.

The Connor difference

Connor’s HR specialists are the envy of the industry and we share that expertise with you. Giving your people the tools and confidence to be their very best is our passion. Whether it is a large strategic project such as introducing HR Shared Services or ongoing work as change requires you to redesign plans, policies and processes, Connor is your first port of call.

"We have increased capabilities and matured as an organisation. Connor has a personal relationship with every one of our board members. They helped to manage any insecurities and uncertainties, keeping them engaged throughout the project." HR director, energy company

Why choose Connor

  • Our hand-picked team have real-world experience: we have walked in your shoes, having held in-house careers, so understand your priorities and challenges.
  • Access to HR expertise when and only when you need it: maximising the efficiency of your HR solution and giving you the flexibility you need when your requirements peak and trough.
  • We are open and transparent: our clients trust us because if we cannot help, we tell you. If we make a mistake (which does happen) we tell you, along with how we will get back on track.
  • We are hands-on and results orientated: your success is our success. We are with you from concept to delivery, and we make sure your objectives and outputs are truly embedded in your organisation.
  • We are fun to work with: we spend a long time at work and when the pressure is on it’s more important than ever to smile and share the fun.

5 ways Connor can enhance your HR team

  1. Reviewing the design of your HR team and leveraging technology to streamline processes; making you more efficient and effective, so you add more value to the business.
  2. Introducing a new operating model such as Dave Ulrich’s HR shared services and Centres of Expertise.
  3. Refreshing HR policies/handbooks: employee policies need reviewing and updating regularly to keep track with changes in your HR team, in your organisation and in legislation.
  4. Engaging and informative onboarding: a business in constant flux needs onboarding processes and content adapted to your changing people plan and business goals, so new starters can quickly become their best at work. 
  5. Driving the performance of your people: when you are introducing or reviewing a performance management approach, Connor’s expertise can shape it to fit your culture, giving each employee the direction and focus they need to be even better.
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What are HR shared services?

HR shared services are a way of centralising HR process and administration into one team. For day-to-day operational work such as producing offer letters, contracts and colleague bonus letters your staff go to the HR shared services team instead of their HR business partner/manager.

HR shared services includes an employee relations team to support line managers on issues such as absence, underperformance, disciplinaries and grievances. This allows HR business partners/managers to be more strategic and efficient in how they support their department.

What does changing your HR structure cost?

We believe in flexible contracts you can end when you wish, and we share fee rates to set industry best practice on transparency. Talk to us today for a quote based on your specific requirements. 

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