Relocating all or a section of your workforce to an alternative location(s).


Connor can partner with you to successfully relocate your whole offices, a department or a small number of employees; we devote the same care and attention whatever the volume.

What we do

  • Plan the people impact of your relocation. The cost implications of relocation (e.g. redundancy liability), the key talent you want to retain and methods to enable talent retention.
  • Prepare communications and project collateral.
  • Manage the relocation consultation and train line managers and employee reps where required.
  • Manage Q & A, and volume administration either on behalf of your organisation or as an extension of the existing HR team.
“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how excellent your Connor Team is. (You are probably already aware!) In a project and environment where sands are shifting and people are all over the place in terms of delivery and emotions, Connor is a team I can trust and really rely on throughout the project. They will pick up and turn their hand to whatever the project needs and have a real solutions oriented approach to how they work. They also have a great work and communication style meaning they can represent with credibility at all levels and I am really comfortable pulling the team in to any meeting and also ask them to represent on my behalf. This might seem out of the blue – but this week they have really stepped in to help bring things back in line where I have had internal performance issues – I have thanked the team but I thought you should also know how appreciative we are”.
Head of HR, Global Health Care Organisation.

To find out more about how we can help with an office relocation project management plan, executive relocations and office relocation employee rights, book a call with one of our experts. 


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