Mergers & acquisitions

Whether an M&A is long planned or unexpected, the number of moving parts involved can make the prospect feel daunting.


What we do

There are three key stages (pre, during, post) to a successful acquisition from the people perspective:

  • Pre-merger HR due diligence
  • Joint integration planning, and;
  • Post-merger support that motivates management and staff from both organisations to work together towards new common targets

Connor works with our clients to:

  • Check target acquisitions from a human capital perspective looking at the human value that is off the balance sheet.
  • Uncover hidden people risks that may impact the success of the combined enterprise
  • Recommend practical actions to mitigate the risks and resolve the issues
  • Post-acquisition support of the new enterprise in areas of new working practices, talent retention, customer engagement, communications strategy, KPI’s t&c’s harmonisation etc
“Acquisitions rarely result in true synergy and creating extra shareholder value as the human element is often given such a low priority. Connor delivered real value by assessing potential targets by examining the human capital value both inside the target business and externally in how they engaged with customers. Your red/amber/green traffic light system saved us millions of pounds in selecting the right businesses to acquire and in supporting the post-integration activities.”
Group Managing Director UK & Ireland
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