We're rebranding to NFP later this year!

To find out how this affects our customers, read our FAQs below.


About the rebrand

We’re excited to share in autumn we’re rebranding into NFP! To find out what this means for our customers, take a look at our FAQs below and watch our video of Fraser Silvey, Managing Director, discuss what this means for our clients. 

Watch Fraser Silvey, MD, discuss the rebrand to NFP. 

1. What are we announcing?

In autumn this year, we are changing our name from Connor to NFP. This is part of a broader programme of work in the UK to bring all businesses under the NFP brand.

2. When is Connor rebranding to NFP?

Our target date for the rebrand to take effect is in the autumn of 2024. 

3. Who are NFP?

NFP, an Aon company, is an organisation of consultative advisors and problem solvers. We help companies and individuals around the globe address their most significant risk, workforce, wealth management and retirement challenges through custom solutions and a people-first approach. We specialise in HR/people consultancy, commercial business insuranceemployee benefitsprivate/personal financial planning, and  health and safety. NFP’s subject matter experts, underpinned by leading technology solutions, partner productively to deliver sustainable and tailored solutions to meet clients’ unique needs and enable their success.

4. Why are Connor rebranding to NFP?

The Connor business was purchased by NFP in October 2021 with the sole aim of being able to offer HR and People Consultancy services to NFP clients. Our goal is for everyone in the NFP group to share the same name to ensure the experience for clients, partners, and our people is simple, clearer and unified. 

5. How will the Connor suite of services be presented to the market in the future under NFP?

All the services we currently offer will play an integral part in forming a new ‘People Solutions’ offering under the NFP name sitting alongside employee benefits services. This means that we can now provide a true end-to-end ‘People Solution’, covering everything from Hire to Retire and beyond. 

6. If we have a project that will be live during or after the rebrand date, what will happen? 

If the project has started before the rebrand, the delivery material and the people delivering will continue as agreed and the work will continue to be delivered under the Connor brand. 

7. From the rebrand date, what will change?

  • Website – we will rebrand from Connor to NFP
  • LinkedIn – our pages and posts will change to NFP
  • Collateral – our collateral will reflect our new NFP branding
  • Email addresses – will move to nfp.com or nfp.co.uk addresses, and we will change our email signatures
  • Trading name – will change to NFP. The website, collateral such as delivery materials and pitch decks, email addresses, the Connor careers site and marketing material will all be rebranded to NFP templates

8. How long will the rebrand take?

We are anticipating that the rebrand will be complete in September or October 2024. We will update everyone when we have an exact date.

9. Who can I speak to if I have more questions about the rebranding process?

If you have any further questions or concerns about the rebranding process, please do not hesitate to contact your main point of contact / Client Partner, or contact us on info@connor.co.uk.