Preparing your organisation for Brexit – who are the experts now?

Paul Connor

By Paul Connor

04 Apr 2019

Despite Michael Gove famously announcing in the run-up to Brexit that Britain has had enough of experts, the fact is that organisations across the UK have perhaps never been more in need of expert opinion and guidance in order to anticipate the fallout and impacts of this protracted Brexit process. The key question is: who are the experts?


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“Expert: noun
a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area”

Politicians and economists certainly have expertise in their areas – but that expertise stops short of practical advice on what Brexit means day-to-day.

The true ‘Brexperts’ are those already dealing with economic, strategic and societal changes being driven by this unique process – those at the front line of leading organisations though this period of unprecedented change.

These people have already been grappling with issues such as a stagnating workforce, relocations, and organisational restructures in a bid to make their organisations ready for Brexit. Their advice and insight is of real value for other leaders on the same journey.

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The drawback, of course, is that these people are usually buried in organisations, hard at work. How do you find them, and how do you get them to share their insights and knowledge?

These individuals and teams across the country have been working – sometimes for years – to map out the impacts Brexit may have on their organisations, and then plan to mitigate those impacts. Their expertise and insight can be a source of closely guarded competitive advantage.

However, if we are to lead our organisations to success in the face of such rapid change, the sharing of insight and experience is critical. Britain has not had enough of experts, it is just the type experts we need is evolving.

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To this end Connor, the people and change experts, are hosting an exclusive event for organisations to come and hear from some of these on-the-ground experts in the field of Brexit and change planning: Ian Mace, Brexit Lead for ABF Foods, and Caroline Kitcher, HR Director for TUI. Along with Elaine Stephens, Head of People Development at Connor, they’ll be sharing their expert outlook on what Brexit means for organisations, and insights into their strategy and plans. We’ll also be facilitating a peer-level discussion to bring out the very best ideas and share them with everyone.

It promises to be a fantastic event for anyone involved in mitigating the implications of Brexit on their organisations and/or responsible for driving change through the organisation. Sign up for the free event here

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