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Connor Blog June 2020

Bringing teams back together in a compassionate and thoughtful way

By Jo Bristow, 12 Jun 2020

With the gradual reduction of lockdown measures, it has led me to reflect on how…

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Connor Blog 2 May 2020

Connor’s TOP 3 Tips for REMOTE Consultation and hearings

By Tom Henderson-Griffiths, 05 May 2020

One thing is certain, COVID-19 is changing the way people and organisations are working. Flexible…

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Connor Blog April2020 4

Information overload: Is coaching the golden key for talent & development leaders right now?

By Julia Nickless, 30 Apr 2020

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in content sharing over the past weeks – news articles,…

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Connor Blog April2020 3

Learning as we go… Furlough tips for Leaders and HR Professionals

By Tom Henderson-Griffiths, 14 Apr 2020

So I’ve been working in the HR profession for about 12 years now, and I’ve…

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Connor Blog April 2020 1

Why slowing down can speed up your job search

By Fraser Silvey, 08 Apr 2020

When people find themselves on the job market it is human nature to panic a…

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Connor Resilience Blog Mar 2020

Moving forward in our new normal

By Jo Bristow, 01 Apr 2020

Never has the world been more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than it is today.…

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Gender pay gap reporting. Three years in - what's changed?

By Innes Miller, 25 Feb 2020

Three years in, limited progress has been made in reducing the gender pay gap. While…

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People development

Three tips to create, and stick to, great new year resolutions

By Jo Bristow, 13 Jan 2020

The new year has rolled around, and with it the chance to create a new…

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