Navigating the middle manager maze

Equip your middle managers to solve their most common challenges 

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Our people development specialists have created 10 practical toolkits based on the most common problems they are seeing among the middle manager and leadership teams they regularly support. These insightful resources contain useful frameworks, along with other tools and tips, to help middle managers overcome everyday hurdles and excel in their role.


Benefit from immediate access to our first 3 below and unlock the additional 7 by filling in the form at the foot of this page. By downloading these toolkits, you’ll put yourself in with a chance of being invited to our complimentary half-day workshop on 10th July, ‘Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers’. The course will give you a taster for how coaching empowers your middle managers to improve their coaching skills and give them one of the most powerful tools they need to perform effectively in their roles.

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Free toolkit 1

Balancing priorities

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Free toolkit 2

Stakeholder mapping

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Free toolkit 3

Managing ‘up & down’

Download our 10 manager toolkits

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