What does the term “outplacement” actually mean?

Depending on who you talk to, the term “outplacement” means different things to different people. 

As the Client Services Manager here at Connor, I will always check the candidate’s understanding of the term outplacement during our initial engagement and chemistry matching call, as the response I receive to this question varies enormously. 

For candidates having never received support through an outplacement service before, the most common response I receive to this question is that we will provide them with help on their CV, whilst providing some support with preparing them for interviews. For those candidates’ who have received outplacement support in the past and are lucky enough to be offered Connor’s indefinite (as-long-as it takes support) until they reach 90 days into their new role, their understanding is often a little different. Nonetheless, I find that people’s understanding of what this service entails does not cover anywhere near the areas of support covered in Connor’s 6-steps of outplacement.  

In addition to the misconception around what will be offered in an outplacement service, candidates’ who have previously received some form of support through an outplacement provider often come to us believing that there is a time bound element attached to the support, either by way of a fixed number of meetings or fixed duration of support (for example 3 months). This is typically as they will have received a time bound service in their previous outplacement support.

During our initial engagement call I am able provide them with reassurance that the term indefinite (as-long-as it takes) means just that, and that the amount of support available to them is unlimited and not capped in any way. In fact, it will only conclude once they successfully reach 90 days into their new role. This revelation often comes as a great surprise, especially to those who have received a time bound service in the past. Candidates’ are also often exceptionally impressed with just how comprehensive Connor’s 6-step outplacement service is, as it not only incorporates support on their CV and coaching on preparing for an interview, but in addition also includes what we call ‘taking hold’ (a time of reflection which enables the candidate to understand their options before narrowing them down to a preferred outcome), creation or review of their LinkedIn profile, coaching on reactively and proactively approaching the market place, understanding their value proposition, networking strategy and finally a 90 day onboarding programme.

The other misconception that I often hear is that we are only able to support them if they are looking for another paid role.  In terms of Connor’s outplacement service, this couldn’t be further from the truth as we are also able to offer support to individuals looking to explore a business venture, retirement, portfolio career or NED opportunities.

So, to summarise, an outplacement service is so much more than help with a CV and preparing for interview. In fact, by receiving an indefinite outplacement service, the candidate not only receives support until they secure their desired outcome, but it also provides them with the opportunity to map out their future career whilst obtaining career skills for life.

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