The importance of coaching for middle management

The way organisations are developing their middle management is changing. There is a growing demand for coaching training for managers, to give them a personal coaching skill-set. This means giving line managers the coaching skills and knowledge to be able to coach employees to greater levels of performance and reach their full potential.

How is this different from general performance coaching?

In the past, companies sent their managers away to get coached on improving their performance or to identify their own career aspirations; now organisations are looking to give their managers a coaching skill set through what is often referred to as ‘in the moment coaching.’ This form of coaching is so effective because it is about managers asking their team what to do rather than telling them.

We are seeing an upward trend in organisations wanting to upskill their line managers with a coaching skill-set that will allow them to support the performance of their people in a more constructive and empowering way than previous ‘tell’ cultures. The impact we are seeing on employee engagement is significant and enables businesses to better retain their top performers.

Up-skilling your managers in this way not only reinforces a coaching culture, but gives management the skills that will enable them to get the very best out of their employees, delivering excellent return on investment for your organisation.

Connor is one of the market’s leading providers of high performance coaching for line managers, individuals and teams.

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