Connor dicusses voice in the workplace at Google conference

This week Connor led a session at Google’s ‘Connecting women in technology’ conference in London. At the event, we were asked to introduce the ground breaking VoicePrint development tool developed by our partner (Business Cognition) to women from the technology industry. The tool analyses the use of voice in the workplace and how it can be used to cultivate a powerful presence in business.

VoicePrint is unique in the way it analyses how you achieve action through talk. It helps you to raise your awareness of the voices you use and the impact your communication style has on others. The innovative assessment provides not only a self-assessment, but also critical input from your team and other key stakeholders, in terms of how you use talk to make things happen.

Through diagnostic questionnaires, profiling tools, expert interpretation and personal coaching, VoicePrint shows you how effective your voice is to unlocking personal influence and organisational performance.

The day was a great success and our interactive workshops produced valuable discussions and debates. The panel sessions gave me the opportunity to share her thoughts on how assessing voice in the workplace can help future female leaders.

Who is VoicePrint for?

VoicePrint is for anyone who works with others and is looking to develop awareness and effectiveness in the way they talk, including those in leadership and management roles. It is especially pivotal in creating high performance teams.

What are some of the benefits?

  • It gives you greater influence and impact in your dealings with your stakeholders
  • It improves cross-cultural working
  • People become more mindful, adept and productive in the way they interact
  • Conversations become progressively more relevant, timely and efficient
  • The costs of misunderstandings and unintended consequences fall
  • It enables business to develop the culture they desire.

Want to know more about how you can cultivate a powerful presence?

To find out how we can help you, your people and your business, you can read more about VoicePrint or get in touch with us.


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