Why ‘as long as it takes’ outplacement support is now more important than ever

As we continue to navigate change and the transforming workplace environment, employers are having to look at making further redundancies in order to combat the ongoing economic crisis and recover from the long-term effects of the pandemic. After making these difficult decisions, what can you do to support your people as they leave and why is it important to do this well? At Connor we know that offering employees the right outplacement support makes a huge difference; for us that means supporting people one-to-one for as long as it takes them to make their next career move, with no time limits or set number of meetings. The impact of doing this right reaches further than you may think.

People get the support they need, when they need it

With an increase in job hunters comes greater competition for the roles that are available. As well as potentially taking longer to secure a role, this increases fear of the job market. With a ticking clock of time-limited support, fear leads to panic of “will I find something in time?” and no-one performs at their best when they are in panic-mode. Unlike other outplacement companies, with Connor’s as long as it takes approach your people will work alongside their career coach for as long as it takes them to make their next step, and will never hear the dreaded words, “your time is up”. Removing the time pressure helps remove the fear and people can perform at their best, knowing their coach will continue to be there for support if needed. It also means we can make their pace the priority. As we move into the peak summer period and people want to take some time out before starting their search, or have no choice due to childcare constraints. Rather than worrying about starting a job search when they aren’t ready, they can relax in the knowledge that we will be there for them when they need us, and you can be assured that your investment will have a 100% success rate regardless of peoples’ personal circumstances.

Those still employed feel more invested

It’s not just those leaving your organisation that get a boost from being well looked after in their outplacement support; providing an as long as it takes service to leavers also helps boost the morale of those still employed. Seeing their former colleagues working alongside a dedicated outplacement consultant for as long as they need them shows your retained team that you care about employees, even once they have moved on. Why is this particularly important right now? While your teams are being asked to deliver under increasingly challenging circumstances, often with less resource than before, they are more likely to be productive and invested in you as an employer if they know they will be looked after.

Your brand reputation is protected

It only takes a quick search online to find lists of companies we are being urged to boycott following the way they treated their employees at the start of lockdown. With increasing numbers of candidates turning to sites like Glassdoor for a first-hand review of an employer before making an application, brand reputation has never been more important. It may seem a long way off now but at some point employers will be in the position to advertise new vacancies, or even try to reemploy some of those let go during the pandemic. If redundancies are handled well by offering as long as it takes outplacement support you are much more likely to attract the best candidates for your future vacancies, and ensure your reputation emerges intact. Offering a tick-box service that expires before the job market has picked up or people are ready to start searching could harm your brand for years to come.

After almost 30 years in business we have successfully supported thousands of people to make their next career move, including during times of global recession and prolonged economic uncertainty. We know that our way works, and we have the success stories to prove it. To find out more about how we can support you during this Covid-19 outbreak, including our virtual ‘as long as it takes’ programmes, click here.


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