The chemistry of outplacement – matching you with the right coach

At Connor we are passionate about getting the right match, to create the perfect partnership between the candidate and our consultant, who will be a highly experienced outplacement and career coach.

If you are an outplacement candidate, Connor will get the right chemistry fit for you by following this process:

Initial conversation

I will phone you to find out more about you – our one to one outplacement service is built around your needs. You will be asked about your current role, background and career objectives plus the personality and style of consultant that you feel would best suit you.

Consultant matching

Connor has a pool of talented, highly experienced outplacement consultants based throughout the UK. Our head of outplacement and I will compile a shortlist of suitable consultants that best meet your needs.

Selection process

Our team will discuss the peer level consultants who most closely match your needs and choose the one that represents the best fit. I will then phone you to agree that’s the right consultant for you.

Consultant briefing and initial engagement

I will phone the consultant to give them a comprehensive brief on you. The consultant will phone you to introduce themselves and to arrange a date for the chemistry meeting.

The chemistry meeting

This face to face meeting is crucial. It is an opportunity for you and our consultant to get to know each other and confirm that you are suitably matched.

Follow up

Following the chemistry meeting I will phone you to get your feedback on the consultant and confirm if you want to work with them.

The chemistry of outplacement is a little bit like dating – we don’t always get the match right first time. If you want to consider a different consultant following the chemistry meeting we will immediately put you in contact with an alternative consultant. In 25 years in business, we haven’t got it wrong twice.

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss your outplacement requirements and how we can find the right coach for you, we’d love to hear from you.


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