How the right outplacement support helps you to thrive

As a senior and seasoned career transition coach, this blog is for both the company/ organisation and potential coachees/ candidates, when considering the value of an outplacement service.

Perhaps one of the kindest leaving gifts that can be given to an employee who is leaving the organisation is access to a confidential service that is wholesome in the breadth and depth of its offering, and indefinite in duration. An outplacement service is suitable for those leaving due to redundancy and/or restructuring, as well as for those retiring (though I use this term loosely, as many want to blend semi-retirement with paid or voluntary work and still have plenty to offer in terms of their transferrable strengths and skills – as well as good motivation and energy). I absolutely love helping people to tap into their creativity, explore options and develop the confidence to thrive in their next steps.

So why does the indefinite aspect of the service add so much value?

If only life was as simple as taking a pragmatic approach to transitioning from one role to another in the shortest time possible. How delightful it is when we can work together to make this happen, and it often does. However, sadly through the twists and turns of life, which throws up unexpected events, it is all too common for people to need a great deal of flexibility and understanding when the career transition is only part of the story. Issues such as unexpected personal or family health conditions to manage, bereavement and other mental health and wellbeing concerns.

It is important that the outplacement service you choose is able to adjust the pace, or put things on hold to suit the requirements of the individual. Speaking from my experience as coach, during these times, it is important that we keep in touch with the person with a gentle approach and empathy until they are ready to resume. I’ve had the comment a good number of times, ‘It’s good that you’re there, I feel less alone.’ It’s not all bad though, sometimes the indefinite nature of the service is beneficial when someone wants to take time out to travel, visit family, do some home projects that they haven’t had time to get to, or simply to recharge and refresh before proceeding. In these circumstances it is important that a coach meets the person and gets started with the ‘getting to know’ stage, and then agree the pace moving forward. How frustrating it would be if individuals didn’t have the space they wanted or needed, and their support ran out because there was a set end date.

A six-step approach to outplacement support

As a career transition coach at Connor, I work with my candidates to deliver a truly bespoke service, tailored to each person’s individual requirements. Using a 6-step approach to outplacement, we partner with individuals shoulder to shoulder, with no set number of meetings, covering the following stages:

  1. Taking stock and what’s next – Taking time to understand the individual, their motivation, aspiration, values, strengths and skills in order to facilitate exploring options, ideas and initial plans. We use a range of diagnostic questionnaires to assist this stage.
  2. Getting ready to go to market – Designing or updating/ reshaping CVs and LinkedIn profiles usually forms the early part of our work together. Getting the ‘shop window’ right helps everything else flow more easily as people enter the recruitment market.
  3. Approaching the job market – Helping to access potential job roles using a variety of methods. There is a hidden world of opportunities out there! A targeted approach, with tailored communications works well.
  4. Assessment process and Interviews – Support with interview preparation/ techniques and full guidance every step of the way, as needed.
  5. Offers and negotiations – Support to get the best possible package.
  6. On-boarding – Continued support through the 3-month settling in phase, being on hand as required.

I have enjoyed rich and energising conversations with the fullest and most diverse range of great people and felt privileged to be a part of witnessing many different transitions across all sectors and many industries. 

Find out more about how we work with your people by visiting our Outplacement Support Services page. Alternatively, call us on 01491 414010, or complete the form at the bottom of this page to organise a call back from one of our experts. 


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