Consultation projects

Increase your organisation's HR capacity and expertise relating to consultation and redundancy processes


Connor helps organisations of all sizes – from SMEs to FTSE brands – to manage consultation led projects.

When you need to consult with employees about changes, and particularly when collective consultation is triggered, it can put pressure on your internal team who deliver HR day to day. Many of our customers contact us when they spot a consultation project on the horizon because we are a highly experienced, skilled and flexible way of securing extra HR support in busy times, and just for the times when you need it most.

Consultation and redundancy process support – how it works

We give you flexible access to HR experts so you can meet the changing needs of your organisation. We increase your HR capacity and expertise so you get the outcomes you want. Here's how we helped a pharmaceuticals company with an international relocation programme.

Five ways we can support you during consultations

  • Training for employee representatives
  • Training for line managers who will be holding consultation meetings
  • Attending consultation meetings alongside line managers and supporting them to answer technical HR questions
  • Managing the consultation projects
  • Collecting and managing the data and management information that underpins individual and collective consultations.

Three benefits for your organisation

  • We can provide you with a blend of HR professionals at all levels of experience. For example, you may want one day of strategic HR direction one week and a small team of HR business partners for five days the next. This isn't easy for you to find in the market but you can get it from us
  • We can support you to manage the following consultation processes: restructures; contract or pension changes; plus company mergers, sales and acquisitions – to name just a few
  • We work together to design a service and pricing that suits you whether you prefer a daily, monthly or project approach – you choose.

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You can learn our tips for delivering change programmes by listening to our podcast - Consultation led projects - five crucial ingredients for success.

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