Connor consultants to attend Thrive in the City 2017

On the 27 November 2017, two of our Senior consultants, Tabitha Beaven and Carrie Birmingham, will be taking part in the Thrive in the City event in London. Thrive in the City is a programme of events aiming to celebrate mental health and wellbeing. The event is focused on helping workers in the City of London to find a physical space where they can switch off and relax, leaving the pressures of everyday working life behind.

Venues throughout the City, including the Artizan Library and City Hall, are hosting a range of free events including a wide range of mental wellbeing related activities including talks, plays, exhibitions and mindfulness. The team behind Thrive in the City want to work with businesses to create a space which supports mental wellbeing, so the day will be used to collect valuable data needed to understand what activities City workers would value.

Tabitha Beaven will be leading two sessions on ‘carefree singing’. Carefree singing is active mindfulness which provides an effective way for people to boost energy levels and build resilience. Carrie Birmingham, having been an HR Director for News UK, will be speaking about how to work through multiple crisis in a turbulent environment. Carrie will share her experience of coaching and how it helped her expand her ability to cope, grow her resilience and challenge her previous patterns.

Mental wellness is an important subject which has been discussed in several of our HR leaders forums. There is a growing need for organisations to support employees with their mental wellness and building resilience to help them deal with a business environment that is becoming increasingly volatile and complex.


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