Cultural and leadership development programme: £1.2m in savings and a 30% increase in confidence in leaders to coach their teams

Cultural and leadership development programme: £1.2m in savings and a 30% increase in confidence in leaders to coach their teams

The brief

Flogas has a challenging growth plan. They wanted to use the knowledge of their people but also innovate and modernise.

“We had many experienced, talented senior people plus some newer arrivals.” explains Flogas HR director. “We wanted to remove any assumptions that people had that limited our ability to change and embrace new thinking.”

Why Connor?

“I wanted something that has a proven track record in other organisations and the Connor INSPIRED Performance programme had this. They showed how much they wanted our business during the tender process and a real commitment to support us on our journey.” she continues.

The approach

“Connor provided a programme of development for senior people including every member of our board.” explains the director.

Six Connor consultants worked with over forty Flogas people – in three groups – with each of them taking part in five activities over an eight month period.

What we did for Flogas

  • Each employee completed VoicePrint – an assessment of their communication style in the workplace – using their own feedback and up to eight other views from their managers, team members and peers. While everyone talks differently, Flogas employees now have a shared awareness of the way they and their colleagues communicate and influence.
  • A two day mindset and motivation programme helped Flogas with its goal setting. It also helped them to identify and understand what limits thinking and what blocks motivation in themselves and others.
  • A one day resilience and emotional intelligence programme which prepares people for change in difficult times and teaches the need for strong personal resilience. Many organisations will focus on resilient behaviours. This programme gave Flogas the ability to understand what feelings need to be present to be resilient and ready for change.
  • A two day coaching programme on inspiring and influencing others. Flogas employees were given skills in coaching, mentoring and managing. This activity allowed them to coach people, be observed and get real time feedback.
  • When it comes to new learning it’s about making it stick – a further two half days of onsite learning was provided for everyone. Flogas employees could recognise and share what was and wasn’t working and make the necessary steps to sustaining positive change.

Business outcomes

Return on investment from the programme has been significant. A 20% increase in change inititatives at Flogas delivering cost savings of £1.2m in the year following the programme.

“We have increased capabilities and noticeably matured as an organisation. We wanted to measure the impact of this development. We asked our people 18 about questions about their belief in their capabilities before the programme, and then same questions after – with confidence improving in all areas.

The first group to complete the INSPIRED Performance programme saw a 22% increase in confidence overall with a particular highlight being a 30% increase in their confidence to coach their teams rather than tell them what to do. In order to embed and sustain these changes, we will ask the questions again after three months and six months.” the HR director confirms.

“Connor has a personal relationship with every one of our board members. They helped to manage any insecurities and uncertainties, keeping them engaged throughout the project.” she continues.

Other behavioural changes have included:

  • Difficult meetings on cost cutting have been far more successful than before
  • The Flogas leadership team is using a think tank method to provide solutions to real business issues.

The programme was recognised as one of six finalists in the best L&D/HR consultancy category at the CIPD People Management Awards 2017.

What the client said

“I have worked in HR for over twenty years and this was the only time I was able to categorically show a return on investment for a development programme. The difference in behaviour in our leadership team is astonishing and the quality of their output has improved. We’re thrilled with the fundamental changes you’ve made to our business.”
HR director, Flogas


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