Outplacement for an HR professional

An experienced HR professional in Hampshire


Finding a new role for an HR professional in Hampshire

An experienced HR manager in Hampshire

The story

I first met Connor after they had been appointed to deliver an outplacement programme to over 100 of our employees as part of an office closure. From my position in the HR team, I was impressed with their flexibility and the personal nature of their service.

Towards the end of our 18 month partnership with them, I was also facing the prospect of redundancy. I was matched with Joe Lawless, an experienced outplacement and career coach from Connor.

Like many HR professionals, I’m quite methodical in my approach to things. Joe was brilliant at helping to talk me through each stage of my job search. He understood my timescales and didn’t force me along, but was always there as a sounding board. Job hunting is challenging and competitive but it’s much easier when you’ve got an experienced, impartial professional alongside you.

I’d got five years experience in HR and a postgraduate degree in HR management. I wanted to use this practical and academic experience to find a generalist HR manager role that was local to my home in Andover.

I had a stroke of luck, the company taking over the lease on our building following the office closure was looking for an HR manager. I was attracted to the role due to its autonomous nature. This was their first UK office and as such, there was a start-up feel to the opportunity with the need for new handbooks, procedures and a recruitment strategy.

My interview process involved a flight to Vienna. The company is based in Austria and Joe helped me with my application and pursuing them for an interview. They decided to fly me to their office for a face to face one, which allowed me to check out the city’s Christmas markets in the afternoon before my flight home!

I was offered the job and I can’t wait to start and build a UK HR solution for them from scratch. Joe and I are meeting next week and we’re now focussing on how I can settle into a new role and make the right impact in my early days with my new employer.

I’d highly recommend outplacement to people facing career change. Just having someone on the phone who can offer emotional and practical support is a massive boost.

Don’t turn your back on outplacement support, even if you’ve got your next job lined up. A good outplacement consultant will help you to negotiate the best salary and benefits package and to adapt to new surroundings through onboarding.

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