Outplacement for a software developer

A long-serving software developer in the South East


Finding a new role for a long-serving software developer in the South East

A long-serving software developer in the South East

This individual had spent 14 years working for an asset management company. She was offered voluntary redundancy in July 2016.

The story

Being made redundant came out of nowhere and my self-esteem was affected immediately. At my first meeting with Kevin Howes, my consultant from Connor I was at my lowest point. 

Kevin came from his home in Exeter to meet me at a hotel in Oxford. He immediately reassured me and from this point on, I had a more positive outlook. We began by getting all my achievements on to my CV. I couldn't see them myself and therefore wasn't selling my experience strongly enough. 

My outplacement service also included a McQuaig personality test. This lets you know how you are seen by others. My results revealed I was the person I wanted to be: I had a balanced, stable personality.

I'm an ambitious woman and I wanted to focus my job search. I had experience in software development and in teaching and Kevin agreed that I should apply for suitable vacancies in these two areas. 

I got two interviews in just six weeks and Kevin helped me prepare for them. One was a three hour panel interview, which also included a test. Kevin played the roles of all four people who would interview me. He created the atmosphere of a panel interview, where questions can come from different directions, which was great.

I was offered both roles – one with the University of Oxford and another with a start up. I chose the role at the University as I felt more comfortable working for an established organisation. It is a job working with data from the labs in their medical science division. 

I don't have a comparison but Kevin was the right consultant for me. He was patient but pushy enough, building my confidence. He found the best in me so I could present myself to prospective employers in a good way. 

I can't comment on others but I can say that outplacement worked for me. It helped me when I felt low and directly supported me get the two offers and my new job. 

I start at the University next month and I can't wait to get going. The Connor service includes onboarding, the process of adjusting to life in a new role. It is great to know that Kevin will be by my side for the first three months.

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