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An experienced finance professional in London


Helping a candidate to find a similar role with a higher basic salary

Experienced financial controller

This individual had an impressive CV, which included working in finance roles for a number of recognised brands.

The story

I'd been at my previous employer for over eight years and led a team of 12 people. I reported to the finance director and was the key contact for the auditors and provided financial performance reports for the business.

I had received outplacement once before and my expectations were to get a high-class, helpful service. After an initial call with Connor to establish the type of consultant I would work well with, I was paired with Alison Verheul.

Alison helped me before our first face to face meeting. She sent me materials to complete such as the McQuaig personality test. Alison shared my results with me, making me more mindful of what other people would see when I was across the table from them at interview.

"I expected a high-class outplacement service and that is what I received. Connor helped me to get an exciting new role with a higher basic salary at a well-known publication."

My initial impressions of Alison at our first meeting were good: she was non-judgemental, practical and importantly she had experience of supporting other finance professionals. She was comfortable dealing with the terminology on job descriptions and knew exactly what a financial controller was.

Alison helped me with my CV and while it was set out correctly with responsibilities and achievements clearly listed, she felt I could make more of my accomplishments. We made improvements so it impressed prospective employers but in my own style.

I was approached about a role with a well-known publication by a recruitment consultant. Alison helped me to prepare for my first interview by going through the job specification on the phone.

As with all interviews, you are asked a variety of questions and it's the one or two challenging ones that can often trip you up. Alison and I had discussed what these questions might be in advance. I had prepared positive answers to these so when they came up in the interview I was able to answer them with confidence. Accordingly, I felt I came across as a credible, prepared candidate.

The interview process certainly went well as I was offered a permanent role as a financial controller after a second interview. I start my new role shortly and I am working with Alison for the first 90 days in the job to ensure I adapt to a different environment and develop strong relationships with key stakeholders.

I expected a high-class outplacement service and that is what I received. Connor helped me to get an exciting new role with a higher basic salary at a well-known publication.

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