Lifecycle Marketing

Helping a small business to achieve HR compliance following a management buy out


Through the Emma's Diary brand, Lifecycle Marketing supports pregnant women and new mums in the UK 

The brief

Lifecycle Marketing was established in 2011 following a management buyout from Whistl (formerly TNT Post).

Lifecycle Marketing finance director Gareth Huxtable picks up the story: "We took a £6 million turnover operation and 25 employees from an office in Marlow to one in Bourne End. I needed to pay our people, update their terms and conditions and become compliant in less than two months – all on a limited budget with zero headcount."

Why Connor?

"Paul Connor had a relationship with TNT Post and I asked him to help me in my new role." continues Gareth.

The approach

Connor provided Gareth with an HR director for one day a week. In this capacity, our consultant Mona Smith was able to meet with TNT Post's HR team to help establish an HR function for Lifecycle Marketing.

Mona acted as a single point of contact for Gareth, which freed up his time to focus on all the other financial and operational elements of his role.


What we did for Lifecycle Marketing

  • Helped verify a new payroll company to ensure all employees were paid
  • Established new contracts and terms and conditions
  • Helped to produce internal communications for employees
  • Implemented an appraisal process and then trained all managers on how to follow it
  • Supported the recruitment of a number of new employees
  • Training and development
  • Employee relations and career transition.

Business outcomes

  • Lifecycle Marketing achieved compliance
  • Reassurance for employees – Connor's involvement provided continuity for employees with appropriate contracts and policies
  • Lifecycle Marketing was able to grow and as of 2017, has about 50 employees occupying a bigger space in the same office development in Bourne End.

What the client said

"We are a small company with big company policies and your expertise has helped us to achieve this.

Mona has been immense and fundamental to the success of the business and I have nothing but praise for Connor."Gareth Huxtable, finance director, Lifecycle Marketing



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