Executive outplacement for an experienced housing professional

William Park, an experienced managing director


Helping a managing director move on after 40 years with one organisation

William Park, an experienced managing director

William Park has expertise in property, training and health and safety in the housing sector. William took voluntary redundancy after working for the same employer for over 40 years.

William's story

The prospect of change leads to a range of emotions – and not all of them are positive. I was apprehensive about leaving the only company I’d ever worked for, particularly because I was towards the end of my career.

The self-doubt faded during my first meeting with my Connor consultant, Margaret Carman. We met in a Manchester hotel and we established trust quickly. Margaret made me feel valuable and told me that I still had plenty to offer.

"I couldn’t be happier with my new managing director role, which I was offered after an initial meeting. Without outplacement support from Connor, I simply wouldn’t have prepared for the interview in the manner I did."William Park, managing director of property services at Mosscare St Vincent's 

The first step of the Connor outplacement service for executives is deciding what you want to do next and Margaret’s influence here was significant. I’d been thinking of doing a similar or a lesser role, perhaps focusing on health and safety. Margaret disagreed, telling me that 46 years at one company is a success and not a failure and that I was capable of doing a similar role with health and safety being an add on.

Other colleagues had suggested that I might want to wind down and doing something less stressful certainly went through my mind. But I agreed with Margaret’s view and I decided that I wanted to look for a new challenge that would excite me.

Margaret helped me to prepare for my job search – online and on paper. She encouraged me to use LinkedIn far more actively than I ever had done before. She didn’t write my CV for me, but she reviewed it and made sure that it better reflected my experience. You tend to forget some of your past achievements and Margaret was able to tease these out for me. 

I got an interview for a job in Manchester for a housing association called Mosscare St Vincent’s. They manage over 8,200 mixed tenure properties across the north of England.

Outplacement helps you to make a significant improvement to your performance at interview. Margaret and I covered common questions, one of which I was asked on the day. My interviewers wanted to know about a time I had failed, and I was able to answer this accurately, framing it in a positive way, which they liked. Without Margaret’s assistance, I simply wouldn’t have prepared for the interview in the manner I did.

I’d recommend outplacement to anyone, it certainly played an important role in achieving this successful outcome. I’m three months into my managing director role and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier.

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