Executive outplacement for an experienced director

An experienced operations director in the North West


Helping an experienced director to secure her first managing director role

An experienced operations director in the North West

This individual left an operations director role after more than 12 years, where she had responsibility for over 300 employees.

The story

I didn't think I'd need outplacement to find a new job. I was an experienced director and I thought I'd be fine.

But losing my job was a big deal to me, I lost my professional identity and my income. I was shocked when I didn't have the answers to help me find my next challenge. It affected my confidence and left me with an uncertainty I wasn't used to. 

"Margaret's support was vital in helping me to get my first managing director role."Experienced operations director

A member of my network recommended that I speak to Connor as they had worked with Margaret Carman, one of their outplacement consultants. I followed his advice and after learning more about their outplacement service for senior executives we agreed that Margaret would work with me to support my job search.

My first meeting with Margaret was at a hotel in Chester. It worked well and each time we met we'd both come away with actions. I liked this approach as it created a structure and momentum to my job search.

The first thing Margaret gave me was permission to take some time off. The pressure of finding a job was lifted and I enjoyed taking a short break from work for a few months before starting my job search in earnest.

This was successful and with Margaret's support I was offered a board position with a large PLC. Within a short period of time I realised that I wasn't right for the company and they weren't right for me. I spoke to my boss and we agreed to part ways.

Emotionally, this was the lowest I'd ever felt during my entire career. I was more confused. Was it me? Had I lost the ability to perform? I reconnected with Margaret and my outplacement service continued.

My online profile and CV worked well during this time. I was identified by head hunters for a series of roles. One of these was a managing director position for a small furniture company. I'd always liked the idea of being a managing director with the ability to do things my way.

Margaret's support was vital in helping me to get my first managing director role. I'd always worked for large organisations and so it was new to be asked to prepare an informal presentation as part of my second stage interview with the company chairman.

I delivered my presentation as hand outs and talked it through at interview, rather than standing up and presenting it from a screen. The approach worked because I was offered the job.

I'm enjoying bringing big company processes to a small company. My objective is to implement this with a focus on profitability as we continue to grow.

Outplacement built my confidence, organised my thoughts and got me ready to move on. Connor offers a truly personal outplacement service so I was able to tackle career transition at my own pace. 


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