Executive outplacement for an education director

An experienced director of education in the Midlands


Helping an experienced director with a background in government and education to find a new role

An experienced director of education in the Midlands

The story

I was introduced to Connor at a time when I was considering my next career move. I was matched with Alison Verheul, an outplacement and career coach with experience of supporting senior executives.  

Alison worked out who I was within five minutes of our first phone call. She did this by asking some targeted questions and reflecting my answers back to me. She was looking to establish any patterns that existed in my career.

Alison helped me to realise that I moved when I was headhunted. Someone would make me an offer, I'd be flattered by it and accept it. I’d move to someone who wanted me rather than thinking about what I wanted to do.

"Alison was fantastic – her advice was always responsive and personal. She was key to helping me to negotiate a better deal with my new employer so that both parties' needs were met."

I approached our first face to face meeting with curiosity. Alison and I met in a hotel in near to where I live. Rather than reflecting on the past, our conversation centred on the future and we made a list of what I could offer prospective employers. She helped me to understand that I wanted a challenge where I had the opportunity to deliver change and 'make things happen.'

Outplacement helped me to target prospective employers once I'd made a shortlist of suitable opportunities. Again, Alison's questions were the right ones  what attracts you to the role, why are you a good match, what are the key things that they’re looking for? How do you feel about moving sectors, what will be different and what is attractive? She also took the time to understand what type of work – not what job title – would inspire me.

I had interviews with two prospective employers. I ran through my pitch with Alison and she gave me valuable feedback that enabled me to refine it for when I delivered it in practice.

I was offered a director role with a charity but there was a challenge. I felt that what they needed was broader, more strategic direction and pleasingly they wanted to hear about this at the interview I could see they were open for new opportunities.

Alison was key to helping me to negotiate the deal with my new employer. I wouldn't have asked for anything without her support but she was able to help me articulate this so that it benefited both employer and employee. This is what made the job possible for me to do.

Connor provides you with a pack that helps you to succeed in your next role. I have been in my new position for six months and Alison helped me in the first three months through onboarding – developing relationships with key people and overcoming any initial challenges.

I'd recommend outplacement to anyone facing career transition. My relationship with Alison and Connor was excellent. I found their service to be responsive and very personal to my needs.


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