Executive outplacement for a marketing professional

An experienced marketing professional in financial services in London


Helping an experienced marketing professional to find a new role

An experienced marketing professional in financial services

This individual had spent seven years at her previous employer in a combined senior distribution operations and head of marketing role. Her career had seen her work in international marketing roles in financial services in the US and in the UK.

The story

I didn't think I needed outplacement, as I'd been successful in career transitions in the past. But as part of a generous career transition package, I was told that I could receive senior executive outplacement support from Connor.

John Hannides, my consultant from Connor, completely changed my opinion. I couldn't see the point in using outplacement if my consultant didn't come with financial services experience. John did, and he’d also supported a former colleague a few months earlier. As a result, he came with knowledge not only of my industry, but also of my former employer and my collegiate environment. This was a huge plus, and I can't talk highly enough of him and the value he added.

"No-one is good at everything so why wouldn't you accept a little help in the areas where you need it? Connor helped me to network more effectively and get a senior marketing role with a six-figure salary."Experienced marketing professional in London

John established his credibility in our first meeting. He explained his background and had obviously prepared and done his reading on me and my career. He'd also studied the results of the psychometric tests that I'd completed in advance.

Despite having all this detailed information about me, he didn't presume anything but positioned his research as: 'this is what I'm hearing from you and learning about you' and allowed me to validate this insight.

I didn't need help figuring out what I wanted to do or need advice on my CV. So John and I worked in two main areas. What was my value proposition for prospective employers and how could I network more effectively? The task was to present me as a senior international marketer and target roles with similar seniority and reward.

Networking was an area where John provided real value. He held me accountable for making new connections, and pushed me to think of networking as my full-time job for the period that I was in between roles, in essence making that my profession while I was unemployed! Thinking of networking like that didn't come naturally for me. Also he consistently reminded me to never discount any opportunities.

His advice paid off a few months later as a recruiter that I'd kept in touch with let me know about a global head of marketing position with an asset management company. The recruiter wasn’t retained on the assignment but the strength of our connection meant that I was top of mind when the recruiter heard of the opening, and as a result, she decided to tip me off about the role. I then approached the company directly and was offered the job.

John's support was crucial when I was negotiating my contract. Maybe it’s a female thing but I fear women have a tendency to see ourselves at a lower level, or be willing to settle. This is something I am sensitive to and was concerned about. John was emphatic with his advice on both role seniority and salary: 'you are not going backwards, you are getting the same or more.'

My relationship with John continued into my new role and he's now a valuable contact and a friend. We identified my three biggest personal and professional challenges going into the new role and agreed a plan to address them.

My advice on outplacement is simple – don't take it for granted. Career transition can mean many different things to different people, but just one element of an outplacement service can be extremely valuable to you.

No-one is good at everything so why wouldn't you accept a little help in the one or two areas where you need it? Working with John and Connor helped me to network more effectively and get a senior marketing role with a six-figure salary.

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