Retirement workshops

A cost-effective way to help your organisation's leavers


The way your organisation looks after those nearing retirement age can have a big impact on succession planning efforts and brand reputation.

At any given moment, organisations will have a large group of individuals nearing retirement age. Forward-thinking organisations are looking for ways to support these individuals at scale, to help them all transition away from work smoothly and happily. By working with Connor, your organisation is able to offer a tailored and highly effective service to support not only those on the verge of retirement, but also employees not yet at retirement age, to help them plan for the future. As a result, your organisation is able to more effectively plan for succession, and sends a clear message that it cares for its employees throughout their lives. 

If your employees need a more individual approach, you may be interested in our retirement coaching services.

Building a plan for the future together

At Connor we work hard to ensure that your retirement workshop is tailored to the needs of your employees - giving each of them individual care and attention.

  • Together with you, we will devise a half or full-day workshop for up to ten people, typically delivered at your office or a suitable local venue.
  • We ensure that all workshops are run by consultants with specific knowledge and experience of helping people transition away from work. By taking great care to ensure that each consultant matches the style and personality of your organisation, we maximise engagement with the workshop among your employees.
  • After the workshop, employees receive ongoing face-to-face support and access to our acclaimed online Connor career centre.
Rather than a fixed cost for services you may not need, we offer bespoke pricing for every case. Talk to us today for a quote based on your specific requirements.

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