Retirement coaching

One-to-one support to plan life after work


For some employees in your business, planning their life after work can be especially daunting.

Often their job is a large part of their identity - meaning that when the time comes to consider moving away from work, the transition can feel like they're leaving everything behind. Sometimes, they may not even have considered retirement at all. These situations can delay or even halt your organisation's efforts at succession planning, ultimately leading to serious consequences for your organisation.

If you're considering supporting a large number of employees through retirement, you may be interested in our retirement workshops.

By working with Connor, you can ensure that your organisation:

  • Boosts the effectiveness of succession planning by supporting individuals through the retirement process, and encouraging younger employees to consider retirement earlier in their working lives
  • Improves morale and engagement of your employees by giving them guidance at a daunting time of their lives
  • Protects and grows your brand reputation by demonstrating your care for your employees

Tailored support to help retirees prepare

At Connor we have a strong reputation for providing career transition guidance that is practical, based on common sense, and focused on the needs of the individual. For individuals who need extra support and guidance, our one-to-one retirement coaching service enables them to successfully consider and plan for the range of options available to them after full-time work.

Our service includes:

  • One-to-one support from a dedicated consultant
  • A framework designed to help employees consider and plan for their retirement
  • Access to Connor's online career transition resources for the duration of the coaching
Rather than a fixed cost for services you may not need, we offer bespoke pricing for every case. Talk to us today for a quote based on your specific requirements.

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