Parental returners programmes

Improving the experience of new mothers and fathers in your organisation


Organisations everywhere need to be recognising the value of supporting and retaining new parents in their workforce.

Increasingly, organisations are moving away from the perception that employees starting - or growing - a family is a problem to be solved, and focusing on how they can help parents to thrive in the workplace. By helping their employees feel supported throughout their parental leave, and welcomed back into the workplace at the end of it, forward-thinking organisations can increase retention and satisfaction among their employees.

“Fully utilising the potential of female professionals could generate additional earnings of £1.1 billion and economic output of £1.7 billion.Women Returners, PWC, 2016

As well as ensuring that valuable talent stays in - and engaged with - their organisation, employers who address this issue proactively can also become an employer of choice for talented young professionals thinking about starting families.

An end-to-end approach

Connor's hand-picked squads of design experts, facilitators, coaches and project managers can help you to plan, build and deploy your parental returners programme. Our focus is on creating a programme that's effective, scales with your organisation, and makes a demonstrable difference. To get there, we follow three key principles:

  • We work in partnership with you to identify the specific organisational challenges you're facing, and co-create the best solution to address them.
  • We build a programme that supports your new parents before, during and after their parental leave, to support them at every stage of their journey.
  • We ensure that measurement and evaluation are embedded into every programme we create, so you can demonstrate the impact of the programme, and continually optimise it for best results.

By working closely with you to build the programme, we can ensure that every employee feels like they receive a service based around their needs.

What does the programme include?

The precise makeup of the programme depends on the specific needs of your organisation and its employees. Here are just some of the components that we can build in to the programme to help your parental returners thrive:

  • Personal coaching and one-to-one support delivered by professional parental leave coaches, to help your employees navigate this hugely important transition and stay in touch with the organisation.
  • Group networking and support to help prepare your employees ahead of their leave, or before their return. A group setting helps build a community of support and allows us to deliver support at scale, which can be built on in one-to-one coaching sessions.
  • Ongoing personal and professional development covering topics such as change, resilience and networking, to ensure your employees thrive upon their return to work.
  • Line manager support and training that equips line managers to fully support their reports before, during and after parental leave. Given the importance of an employee's line manager to their happiness and success with your organisation, this element is crucial.
  • Helpful materials including journals, line manager training content, induction materials and more. We can deliver this on or offline depending on how you want to engage with your employees.

Why work with Connor?

Our parental returner programmes bring together three key elements that we believe set us apart from the others:

  • Our 25-year heritage in helping some of the world's most recognisable brands to inspire their people and improve the working world.
  • Our deep expertise in mindset, resilience and personal change, as well as organisational change and HR best practices.
  • Our passion for working in partnership with you to build something that achieves the outcomes you want.

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