Retirement planning

Helping employees who are leaving your organisation to consider and plan for retirement


The word ‘retirement’ can be quite alienating for a lot of employees, with connotations of forcing an identity onto more mature employees that they can't relate to.

As a result, people are often reluctant to think about life after work, or a aren't aware of the different options open to them. This leaves your organisation unable to discuss plans for the future with its employees, making smooth succession planning a challenge. 

Working with Connor enables you to provide retirement workshops, or one-to-one retirement coaching for individuals requiring more specialised support. These workshops can provide those nearing retirement age with a practical plan for the next phase of their life, and help those who aren't yet due to retire start thinking about their options and aspirations for this watershed moment in their lives.

Your people are empowered to plan and achieve a happy, healthy and productive life after work; your organisation is able to engage in succession planning and live its values. In both instances, facilitating a smooth transition for you employees enables your organisation to:

  • Demonstrate that you value your employees, improving morale and protecting brand reputation
  • Showcase a company culture that attracts and retains highly skilled talent
  • Proactively engage in succession planning, protecting productivity in your workforce

The Connor difference

Connor’s human approach makes tour retirement transition service a personalised experience, not a process, for your employees. We provide:

  1. A tailored service. We always aim to deliver relevant and personalised support for your employees. Working with Connor sends a clear message to your employees that you value them and want the best for them.
  2. A wealth of experience. Our consultants have extensive experience in retirement coaching. Your employees get the best start to the next phase of their lives, while you get a positive result for your organisation.
  3. A blended approach. At Connor our experience in retirement coaching is complemented by a passion for coaching individuals. This means the quality of support your employees receive from us is something few other providers can match.

Click below to find out more about the different types of retirement planning support we can provide:

Retirement coaching

Retirement workshops

Rather than a fixed cost for services you may not need, we offer bespoke pricing for every case. Talk to us today for a quote based on your specific requirements.

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