The 5 crucial steps to demonstrable ROI from people development

Kim Foster

By Kim Foster

08 Oct 2018

The 5 crucial steps to demonstrable ROI from people development

People development interventions increasingly require a water tight business case to get them over the line. Connor are experts in creating demonstrable ROI from people development programmes and have now produced a vital guide  on how to do this. 

In today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) market, organisational agility and resilience are top of the CEO agenda.

People development interventions therefore, are a crucial strategy for an HR leader who is challenged with creating the necessary culture and leadership capability to deliver this.

Set against the cost constraints of most organisations however, it requires a water tight business case to get these over the line.

Finance directors and CEOs can still perceive people issues to be less important than others they face. It is incumbent on HR leaders therefore to change the dialogue and put the financials on the table.

So how does an HR or Talent Director demonstrate, without fail, tangible results to the rest of the organisation and deliver a quantifiable return on investment?

People remain one of the crucial factors upon which the success or failure of a business pivots” continued Foster. “We do not believe that it is enough for us just to work alongside HR Directors to deliver highly successful people and change strategies, we also need to be credible in the boardroom, able to demonstrate tangible ROI and impact to the bottom line

Connor have developed a vital guide which gives HR leaders the five crucial steps that will produce demonstrable ROI from their people development programmes and as well as guiding them how to achieve them in practice.

Contained within are the 5 vital steps that, if followed, will enable this mindset shift. Including the business case, performance measures, leadership buy-in, programme design and reporting metrics.

You can request your free guide for free here. 

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