When talk isn't cheap – Connor discusses voice in the workplace

Kate Keaney

By Kate Keaney

28 Oct 2016

When talk isn't cheap – Connor discusses voice in the workplace

Alan Robertson, co-creator of VoicePrint and I spoke recently to Share Radio about the use of talk in the office. We discussed what our talk says about us and the feedback that we get from clients who have used the VoicePrint assessment with their employees.

What is VoicePrint?

Everyone has a personal but largely unconscious pattern of 'voices' that defines the way we talk and the impact we make. VoicePrint is an assessment that reveals what you do through the way you talk, think and act. All voices can be helpful but also risky until you know when and how to use them and importantly, how they are received by others.

What are the voices that we use?

The voices that we use can be grouped in three as follows:

  • Exploring voices – inquire, probe, diagnose
  • Positioning voices – advocate, advise, articulate
  • Controlling voices – critique, challenge, admonish (to direct).

Scientists have found that like a complete set of golf clubs, which you take on to the course to be ready for any situation, you need to be able to call upon a complete set of voices so that you can have powerful impact and influence wherever you go.

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The subject of voice in the workplace is fascinating and we love to talk. Speak to me today about how to use VoicePrint to help your organisation to improve how it communicates and influences.

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